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4G LTE and 5G Internet Service

Mobile Citizen offers reliable, high speed mobile Internet services with 4G LTE and up to 5G speeds. Numerous factors impact speeds, with varying download speeds from 35 to 40 Mbps with 4G LTE service to speeds that can exceed 100 Mbps with 5G service.

*Actual speeds will vary by conditions and device capabilities. This statement is not a claim, rather approximate estimations based upon recent industry reports.

No Throttling

Put your worries aside with Mobile Citizen's commitment to 'No Throttling.' You can use your mobile Internet as much as you’d like without worrying about being put in the slow lane or your Internet access being cut off.

Unlimited Data

With Mobile Citizen, you get unlimited data! No need to worry about limited Internet access or extra fees. Empower your organization and those you serve by taking advantage of everything the Internet has to offer with unlimited data and no overage charges.

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On a Mission to Achieve Digital Equity and End the Digital Divide

We believe that making quality mobile Internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public, and ultimately a more equitable democracy.

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Educational Entities

Access to hybrid, remote, and onsite learning opportunities for schools and libraries.
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Enabling your programs, empowering your mission and those you serve.
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Internet Service with Mobile Citizen

Mobile Citizen offers reliable, high speed Internet access without penalties or overage charges on the Sprint, now part of T-Mobile, network. This service comes in the form of wireless Internet and mobile hotspots – with unlimited data. We partner with schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare organizations to advance digital equity and inclusion and to end the digital divide. Organizations must apply in order to be approved for our programs. Our Internet service plans can be viewed here.

Promoting Digital Equity

Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project, believes that making reliable mobile Internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public and ultimately a more equitable democracy. Together, we can advance digital equity, inclusion, and close the digital divide. Through our partnerships, we have already helped numerous individuals across the country gain access to educational, professional, and interpersonal opportunities. Mobile Citizen is committed to digital equity, inclusion, and ending the digital divide by supporting organizations across the country with low-cost Internet.