Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project, provides low-cost mobile internet with unlimited data plans exclusively to nonprofit organizations, educational entities, libraries and social welfare agencies. Championed by a national collaboration of EBS (Educational Broadband Service) licensees, Mobile Citizen’s internet service is available nationwide. We believe that making internet access available at an affordable price advances social equity.

Featured Partner

  • Mobile Citizen currently provides internet service on the Sprint, now part of T-Mobile network.

Management Team

  • Cassie Bair, Chief Business Development Executive
  • Lisa Reed, Vice President of Finance
  • Logan Monaco, Assistant Controller
  • Luis Gomez, Operations Director
  • Gina Dircks, Marketing and Sales Director
  • Melissa Edmonds, Sr. Business Analyst
  • John Kennedy, Account Manager
  • Reggie Bouzy, Account Manager
  • Jana Mathieson, Senior Development Representative
  • Edie Riedel, Customer and Data Support Specialist
  • Michael Flores, Shipping & Receiving Manager

Mobile Citizen is a social venture funded by Voqal, a philanthropic organization committed to the promotion of social equity. Voqal’s work includes making grants to nonprofits fighting systemic inequity and investing in organizations working to address the educational opportunity gap. For more information about Voqal visit the site or download Voqal’s Annual Report.