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Save Money with Low-Cost Mobile Internet Exclusively for Nonprofits

Affordable, 4G LTE internet for only $120/year
It’s critical that your tools go with you into the communities you serve. That’s why nonprofits and schools across the country are leveraging wireless internet as a powerful tool to enable or extend their programs or initiatives. Together we believe we can reach the most people in need.

Our Offer
Affordable, Wireless Internet Access & Hotspots: 4G LTE internet for only $120/year

  • 30GB+, 4G LTE data-only plan
  • Use it as much as you want: No throttling, suspension or overage charges even if you exceed 30GB a month
  • Lightning fast, easy-to-use connection
  • Requires purchase of a hotspot (for around $74 subject to availability)

Enable Your Programs, Empower Your Work
Read about how other nonprofits are already using wireless technology in their organizations. Here are just a few ways:

  • Enabling access to internet-based documentation systems and case management tools for field staff
  • Reaching key stakeholders where they are in the community, for example setting up mobile computer labs that bring services and education to underserved communities
  • Utilizing creative approaches to fundraising programs such as live video streaming or onsite event registrations
  • Doing more, communicating more, and being more efficient when leaving their desks

Next Step
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If your nonprofit is interested in extending this offer to your constituents, you can refer them to our partner InterConnection. They make low-cost refurbished computers and mobile internet available to qualified low-income individuals via their ConnectAll program.

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Mobile Citizen is excited to partner with The Cristina Foundation, which promotes the reuse of technology and supports the technology needs of nonprofits and schools throughout the country.

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