As February comes to a close, we salute those who continue to shine a light on the many achievements and contributions of Black Americans. At Mobile Citizen, over the past month, along with so many others we have recognized the contributions of Lewis Latimer and Jesse E. Russell in telecom and we have shared appreciation for women with brilliant minds like Katherine Johnson for leading by example.

Of course, we plan to continue to look honestly at systemic racism and how we can contribute to ending it. The past year put an brighter light on what people of color have known all along- racism is not dead and our current systems allow it to thrive and deprive many of living life to the fullest.

Our mission to not only to bridge, but to end the digital divide. We understand that access to the Internet is access to the power to defeat systemic racism. Everyone should have access to information and the ability to apply for jobs or attend school or simply follow an interest. Internet access should not just be for the wealthy, or the white, or those deemed “worthy.” Our work with nonprofits, schools, and social welfare agencies, can help to increase access so people, not racism, can thrive.

We all have a lot of work to do. Mobile Citizen is proud to have many amazing customers who serve the needs of individuals and communities working to end racism and close the digital divide. We also have great partners who go above and beyond to get equipment into the hands of those who need it, so the lack of access becomes one less hurdle to climb. The work will go on past Black History Month, past the news highlights, and past the social media hashtags. Mobile Citizen is committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion while helping provide affordable Internet and knocking down barriers in February and every other month of the year.