• Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion

    The Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion facilitates collaboration among organizations and initiatives working to bridge the digital divide in order maximize resources for the greatest impact.

  • Technology Literacy Collaborative

    The Technology Literacy Collaborative is a network of digital inclusion supporters committed to sharing best practices, advocating for technology and digital literacy skills and access, and promoting collaborative efforts.

  • Digital Empowerment Community of Austin

    The Digital Empowerment Community of Austin (DECA) is a network of nonprofits, educational institutions and other stakeholders working to improve the Austin community's ability to participate in digital society.

  • KEYSPOT (Philadelphia)

    KEYSPOT is a network of public, private and nonprofit organizations that provide technology, training and other opportunities through community-based public access centers. KEYSPOT is dedicated to improving education, economic and social outcomes for all Philadelphians through technology.

  • Portland Digital Inclusion Network

    The Portland Digital Inclusion Network is a coalition of community organizations interested in raising awareness about digital equity barriers and developing solutions to bridge the digital divide.