2020 was a difficult year in many respects. Unforeseen circumstances highlighted disparities in many areas and required changes in the status quo to meet the needs of individuals and communities. Communities had to pivot quickly and find new ways to support members.

With these new challenges came creative new ideas. And partnerships formed to implement solutions. At Mobile Citizen, our customers and partners inspire us. The work they do to bridge the digital divide changes lives and provides opportunities.

Connect-In-PlaceOne such inspiration this year comes from Connect-in-Place (CIP). CIP’s mission is to provide quality education, community, and mentorship human-I-Tto bridge the opportunity gaps for online learning. Working with human-I-T, a Mobile Citizen reseller partner, CIP did amazing work in just six months! “We served over 2,500 Middle & High Schoolers and had 265 Instructors teaching 329 Classes. In addition, we also raised $18,400 for human-I-T so that we can help close the digital divide by providing students in need with laptops,” notes Antara Gupta, CIP Head of Social Impact.

Thank you to all our partners and customers for everything you did this year to meet the needs of individuals and communities. We are humbled to serve along side you in closing the digital divide and improving lives.