• https://www.gcflearnfree.org/

    Americans fall along a spectrum of preparedness when it comes to using tech tools to pursue learning online and many are not eager or ready to take the plunge.

  • https://www.digitallearn.org/

    If you are new to computers, haven't used them for a while, are a little unsure and uncomfortable, or just need a bit of a refresher, digitallearn.org has the tools to help you tackle technology at your own pace and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

  • Learn My Way

    Learn My Way is a website of free online courses for beginners, helping users develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.

  • Connected Nation

    Connected Nation believes that states, communities, families and individuals can realize great economic and social advantages when broadband availability in underserved areas and broadband use in all areas is increased.

  • Technology Learning Collaborative

    The mission of the Technology Learning Collaborative is to sustain a robust network of community-based organizations doing digital literacy work, improve and expand programming across Philadelphia, share and promote member resources to the wider communities it serves, offer professional training and development for member staff, collaborate on high priority interest areas, and advocate for projects and programs that promote digital literacy and reduce the digital divide.

  • Northstar Digital Literacy Project

    The Northstar Digital Literacy Project defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online. The ability of adults to perform these tasks can be assessed through online, self-guided modules. Included are basic computer digital literacy standards and modules in ten main areas: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Microsoft Word, Social Media, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Information Literacy. Northstar is an assessment, not a curriculum.

  • NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network

    NTEN believes that technology allows nonprofits to work with greater social impact. It enables its members to strategically use technology to make the world a better, more just and equitable place. NTEN facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information within its community. It connects its members to each other, provides professional development opportunities, educates its constituency on issues of technology use in nonprofits and spearheads groundbreaking research, advocacy and education on technology issues affecting the entire community.

  • TGH School & Community Live, Learn, Earn, Work and Play

    Free internet skills curriculum from Tech Goes Home that is available in English and Spanish.