Despite our best efforts, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted last week to strip education from the Educational Broadband Service (EBS), essentially commercializing the band. Voqal and Mobile Citizen strongly opposed this decision and while we made our views known at the FCC, we were unable to change the outcome of the vote.

We asked many of you to share with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress how Mobile Citizen’s affordable EBS internet service has made a difference to your organization and your community. To all of you who reached out, Mobile Citizen is eternally grateful.

We were really hoping to keep the FCC from commercializing EBS spectrum. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we did not prevail.

Most importantly, we want to let you know that this disappointing outcome will not impact your existing Mobile Citizen service at this time.

As for the long-term future of EBS, we’re not giving up. We are continuing to put pressure on the FCC and others to rethink this shortsighted decision. No matter what happens, Voqal and Mobile Citizen will continue to fight to support communities starved for broadband access.

Learn more about the FCC decision to privatize EBS here.