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Maximizing Connectivity on a Budget: Low-Cost Internet for Nonprofits

This article was published on:
June 30, 2023

Resourceful, effective, and ambitious — these are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of nonprofit organizations.

From education, to healthcare, to environmental conservation, to mobile animal rescue, there is no facet of community that isn’t attended to and elevated by nonprofits.

Nonprofit using their Low-Cost Internet for An Outside Fundraiser

Despite being integral to several causes and communities, most nonprofit organizations’ efforts to forward their missions are restrained by a tight budget. This financial constraint means nonprofits often need to compromise on important resources like a robust Internet infrastructure and IT support. Not only does this have immediate consequences on things like communication and outreach, but the lack of reliable Internet also stretches nonprofit teams thin.

However, it’s not for nothing that “resourceful” is one of the first words we think of when we think of nonprofits. In addition to low-cost Internet for nonprofits, let’s look at a few other ways organizations can maximize their connectivity.

Low-Cost Internet for Nonprofits — Partner With Providers to Get Discounted Internet Hotspots for Teams and Communities

Low-cost Internet for nonprofits provides your organization with the ability to extend your team’s capabilities. Mobile hotspots enable your employees to work remotely and connect with their community affordably and effectively.

Nonprofits don’t only need Internet access for their teams to work efficiently both in an office and remotely, but they also need it to connect their program beneficiaries to various services, including their own. For instance, one of our education nonprofit clients here at Mobile Citizen uses their Wi-Fi hotspots to connect their students to career resources. Another social welfare nonprofit uses them to connect its clients to job opportunities and skills training.

At one time, a nonprofit may need tens or even thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots. Partnering with like-minded organizations like Mobile Citizen that offer low-cost Internet for nonprofits by providing affordable hotspots is a way to keep costs low while also ensuring that everyone has access to the Internet.

Reach Out to Organizations Offering Refurbished Technology

Having a reliable Internet connection is necessary, but so is being able to access Internet-enabled devices. Several organizations provide refurbished devices for nonprofits. If your organization is looking for devices that you can share with your community, we work with several resellers that can provide devices at low costs. You can also consider partnering with other nonprofit organizations that are committed to closing the digital divide and offer low-cost subscriptions to various software you may require.

Consider Using Open-Source Software as a Solution to Low-cost Internet for Nonprofits

Going a step further than low-cost software, open-source software is typically free to use making it easier for your budget to go further. In addition, this type of software is developed by a community of developers and users who your IT team can reach out to for questions, support, and even feedback and custom recommendations. Much like the world of nonprofits, open-source software promotes a collaborative environment which is likely to make it easier for you to partner with them.

Open-source software is also compatible with a range of systems and technologies. This makes it smoother to integrate them into your ecosystem.

Utilize Local Community Assets and Collaborate With Complementary Organizations

Access to the Internet is only a part of the puzzle. If we want our communities to fully enjoy the benefits of the Internet, it is also important to expand digital literacy.

Nonprofits should build symbiotic relationships with like-minded institutions, organizations, and individuals to enlist volunteers. By expanding networks, nonprofits can make an even greater impact on the lives of the people they serve.

For instance, volunteers may be willing to use their skills to train your teams and clients on digital literacy and online navigation. This ensures that not only are people connected to the Internet but they also have a strong understanding of its potential and pitfalls. It’s important that your website makes it easy to find volunteer opportunities and the ways in which others can partner with you.

Think Out-of-the-Box Donations

While getting funds that can be allocated as needed may be the most common way to think of donations, your nonprofit can go a step further. When considering the need for low-cost Internet for nonprofits, reach out to businesses or organizations that you know offer free Wi-Fi access to their patrons. Encourage them to donate meeting spaces that your team can utilize to host events.

Your corporate sponsors and partners may also be willing to donate volunteer time, skills training, and Internet resources to your nonprofit organization. These arrangements can be mutually beneficial because when your nonprofit gets connectivity resources, the organization you partner with also takes a step closer to its corporate social responsibility goals.

Lastly, including Mobile Citizen’s hotspots and services in your digital equity grants is a simple way to demonstrate how your partners can support your nonprofit.

Mobile Citizen Is Here to Help

To say that the Internet is integral to nonprofit organizations is an understatement. Outreach, research, employee communication and more depend on it. Mobile Citizen partners with nonprofits to provide low-cost Internet for nonprofits through reliable Wi-Fi hotspots that can help take your budget further. These plans cost an average of $10/month and our Internet hotspots can be used by your organization to make your services more efficient, provide support to team members who spend time out on the field, and even be lent to your patrons.

At Mobile Citizen, we believe that digital equity is necessary for social, educational, and health equity. To explore opportunities for your organization, please contact our experts in the Mobile Citizen Customer Service Center at 877-216-9603 or visit our Get Started page.