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Case Study

Mission-critical Tools for Teachers and Administrators

Philadelphia Mennonite High School
Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Mennonite High School (PMHS), a high school dedicated to preparing urban youth for leadership, service and peacemaking, took a very basic Internet access need and turned it into a success story for administrators, teachers and students. Originally looking to Mobile Citizen as a resource for filling its ‘dark areas’– two classrooms without Internet access, PMHS quickly learned that mobile Internet was a mission critical resource for both administration and teachers.

The assistant principal, who is also the school’s director of technology, had a clear vision for using mobile devices and Internet access for learning, but was surprised at how important it was to administrators and staff. Some initial applications include: (1) Gives principals immediate, online access to school management software after hours; (2) Allows school lunch room staff to check students in online more efficiently and accurately; and (3) Supports school’s surveillance program making it possible to see real-time video beyond the classroom walls.

PMHS teachers saw an opportunity to use mobile Internet access as a tool for creating a solid foundation for math, science and college prep courses. As a thought starter, the school gave teachers access to Mobile Citizen and encouraged them to think creatively about ways to incorporate mobile learning into their curriculum.

These tools may empower administrators and teachers, but the real winners were the students who will benefit from having more innovative, awe-inspiring coursework and tools for preparing for college.