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Mobile Citizen Brings Low-Cost Mobile Internet Option to Denver Schools and Nonprofits

This article was published on:
August 2, 2011

BOULDER, Co – August 2, 2011 – Mobile Citizen, a provider of mobile Internet for schools and non-profit organizations, is now offering its low-cost service in the Denver area. This leading edge, 4G powered service is available exclusively to Denver schools and non-profit organization for only $120/year (only $10/month) with unlimited usage, providing an affordable solution for wireless access to the Internet, or a low cost broadband alternative to cable or DSL.

“The demand for mobile Internet is growing quickly and we are pleased to offer it to Denver schools and nonprofits who until now often could not afford this service. We hear all too often about schools in the Denver metro area wanting or needing to add technology to their offerings, but restricted by budget cuts making it impossible for them to introduce new programs.,” says Michelle Warner, Director of Mobile Citizen. “Our mission is to make technology a realistic option for all schools and nonprofits.”

Mobile Internet is particularly useful to nonprofits with mobile or field-based staff or volunteers such as healthcare agencies, social service providers, fundraising staff and community outreach organizations that need anytime/anywhere, high-speed, secure access to the Internet. Schools use mobile Internet to enable innovative learning programs or as efficiency tools for administrators, staff and teachers.

About Mobile Citizen

Mobile Citizen is the first fourth generation (4G) service provider in the U.S. to offer mobile broadband service exclusively to education and non-profit organizations at remarkably low cost. By bringing the most advanced, reliable and secure mobile broadband service to schools and nonprofits, Mobile Citizen is making a difference in how people learn and work. These organizations are more efficient and are saving money.

Mobile Citizen is funded by five non-profit foundations that have been committed to bringing technology to the education and non-profit communities for over 25 years. In 2006, these foundations entered into a unique, 30-year partnership agreement with CLEAR that allows them to offer cutting-edge mobile Internet service exclusively to schools and nonprofits. For more information, visit