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Mobile Citizen Featured in Next Century Cities’ Becoming Broadband Ready Toolkit

This article was published on:
January 18, 2019

Mobile Citizen is excited to be a part of Next Century Cities’ Becoming Broadband Ready toolkit. Created with support from Neighborly and the Internet Society, Becoming Broadband Ready includes best practices, sample ordinances, checklists, definitions and resources.

According to Next Century Cities,

“Cities, towns and counties have an extraordinary amount of resources that can be leveraged to encourage investment in broadband infrastructure and ultimately lead to greater connectivity. While there is no one connectivity model that works for every community, there are common threads that run through the diverse array of successful projects. This toolkit is a compilation of those practices and the first-stop resource for any community seeking strategies and solutions to connect its residents.”

As strong believers of advancing social equity through access, we believe this toolkit is an important contribution in the fight to connect the disconnected and bridge the digital divide.

Interested in learning more? Watch the official launch.

Visit the Becoming Broadband Ready website to start using the toolkit today!