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Mobile Citizen Surpasses 1100 Customers Using Mobile Hotspots to Increase Digital Equity and Bridge Digital Divide


A record number of schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies use Mobile Citizen to provide Internet to staff and community.

Longmont, CO, Jan 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project focused on ending the digital divide by offering high-speed, affordable Internet to schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies, today announced that they have surpassed 1100 direct customers using their mobile hotspots and Internet service.

Mobile Citizen is committed to digital equity, inclusion, and ending the digital divide by supporting organizations across the country with low-cost Internet. By leveraging Internet services from Mobile Citizen, schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies have helped tens of thousands of individuals across the country gain access to educational, professional, and interpersonal opportunities online.

“We have been a Mobile Citizen customer for many years but significantly increased our footprint when the COVID pandemic hit and needed a lot of devices quickly,” states Edward Heier, coordinator of technology for Independent School District 196 in Minnesota.  They have been an incredible partner for the district to provide Internet access where gaps exist and consistently provide prompt, courteous, and professional service at a very affordable price!”

“No matter our race, gender, or wealth, we all depend on reliable Internet access,” states Brenda Sears, Voqal CEO. “Whether to look for a job, connect with our doctor, or submit our child’s homework, we all rely on high-speed connections for learning, work, and fun. But, for too long, corporations have not invested in quality, low-cost Internet because it isn’t profitable for them. Millions of people are losing out on the economic, health, and educational opportunities Internet access provides. Mobile Citizen reaching 1100 direct customers is proof that we can successfully work together to provide high-speed, low-cost Internet to close the digital divide.”

Mobile Citizen provides mobile Internet through mobile hotspots. For $120/year, qualified organizations have access on a nation-wide network with unlimited data and no throttling or overage charges. Both 4G and 5G hotspots are available with 4G devices starting at only $61.

“The onset of the pandemic highlighted the digital divide and the importance of having affordable, high-speed Internet access,” states Jana Mathieson, communications and marketing manager. “It is an honor to be able to support organizations in their mission to serve their communities even as the pandemic stabilizes. Food banks, domestic violence shelters, and workforce development agencies, along with schools and libraries, are just some of the organizations using Mobile Citizen to supply this vital service to their clients and staff.”

Affordable Internet access continues to be an issue of millions of Americans. Mobile Citizen hopes that by supporting schools, libraries, nonprofits and social welfare agencies, together we can increase digital inclusion and advance social welfare.


About Mobile Citizen:
Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project, actively advances social equity through access by providing low-cost wireless 4G and 5G Internet exclusively to nonprofit organizations, educational entities, libraries, and social welfare agencies. Championed by a national collaboration of EBS (Educational Broadband Service) licensees, Mobile Citizen’s internet service is available nationwide. We believe that making the Internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public and ultimately a more equitable democracy. For more information, call 877-216-9603 or visit

Jana Mathieson
Mobile Citizen