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Mobile Citizen’s Cassie Bair to Speak at NTC23


Cassie Bair of Mobile Citizen to Speak at NTC23 About Using Internet Hotspots to Drive Social Impact

On April 13, 2023, Mobile Citizen’s Chief Business Development Executive, Cassie Bair will share tips and insights for nonprofits on using hotspots to advance their mission.

Denver, Colorado, Apr 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This month, the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Denver will host more than 1500 attendees, including nonprofit staff, volunteers, board members, funders, consultants, and tech vendors. The national conference will be a gathering place for organizations and individuals to network and learn about nonprofit technology best practices.

On April 13 at 10:00am, in an in-person session on using internet hotspots for nonprofits, Cassie Bair will share case studies to demonstrate how nonprofits have used this technology to advance their goals. The Mobile Citizen team will also be available to answer questions and discuss opportunities at booth #812 at the conference.

From offering outpatient mental health services to providing new opportunities for domestic violence survivors to working with homeless LGBTQ+ youth, these case studies will draw from a vast array of nonprofits that have successfully used internet hotspots to make a difference in the lives of people they serve.

This session, led by Mobile Citizen’s Cassie Bair, will discuss factors to consider before deciding which type of technology best suits a nonprofit, share examples of organizations making the transition, and explore the common reasons nonprofits deploy internet hotspots to their teams and communities.

Attendees can expect to take away strategies on leveraging high-speed internet, understand the difference between technologies, get tips on working with tight budgets, and discover ways to serve their clients more effectively.

Everyone interested in using technology to advance their nonprofit’s mission is welcome to this session. Specifically, IT decision-makers, nonprofit leadership, program managers, and management can greatly benefit from the insights that will be shared.

Event Details:

What: NTC23 Conference
When: April 12-14, 2023
Where: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

About Cassie Bair and Mobile Citizen:

Cassie Bair is the Chief Business Development Executive of Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project. Mobile Citizen advances social equity through access by providing low-cost wireless 5G and LTE internet exclusively to nonprofits, educational entities, libraries and social welfare agencies. She firmly believes technology should be used for social good and has a unique professional mix of nonprofit and start-up experience. Her passion is to unite nonprofits with the opportunities mobile technology presents.


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Mobile Citizen