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NTEN Releases Mobile Citizen Sponsored Digital Adoption in 2018 Report

This article was published on:
May 8, 2018

NTEN and Mobile Citizen believe the internet is a powerful tool to help nonprofits work more effectively and efficiently so they can better meet their missions. We also believe that nonprofits are trusted partners in the communities they serve. They are in a unique and important position to help their community members who are not online find the relevancy, tools and skills to access the services, benefits and social connections that await on the internet.

With this idea in mind, NTEN recently released a report titled Digital Adoption in 2018. The report, created in partnership with Mobile Citizen, is focused on understanding how organizations are making decisions and addressing the challenges of internet access and use by both staff and the communities they serve. Unfortunately, nearly 60 percent of organizations surveyed said they do not provide any digital inclusion programming, and the biggest barrier to doing so is resource and capacity.

At Mobile Citizen, we are strong believers in creating a more socially equitable world through increased access to the internet and believe this report highlights the need to continue supporting nonprofits with a desire to incorporate digital inclusion into their communities.

We applaud NTEN’s interest in this issue and their continued support of the nonprofit community. Furthermore, we hope the results of this survey will enable nonprofits to identify opportunities for expanding their efforts at creating a more digitally inclusive world.