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T9 Mobile Hotspots: Dependable and Affordable Internet Access, Where You Need It

This article was published on:
September 18, 2020

These days, anything that makes working or communicating remotely a little easier is a bonus. The T9 Mobile Hotspot does just that with the usability schools and nonprofits need.

One of the newest additions to the Mobile Citizen mobile hotspot device lineup, the T9 Mobile Hotspot is as cost-effective as it is durable. It supports 4G LTE speeds, simultaneously connects up to 15 devices and features a 2,450mAh battery. Thanks to its on-board control screen, the T9 Mobile Hotspot is also easy to manage. A fast and affordable device that’s easy to use—what more could you ask for? How about unlimited, never throttled Internet service for only $120 per year to support it?

The digital divide can only be bridged when nonprofits, educational institutions and social welfare agencies can take advantage of quality Internet service.  That’s why Mobile Citizen is pleased to offer wireless technology at affordable prices to qualified nonprofits and schools, along with Internet access plans that equate to just $10 per month.

A Digital Boost for Distance Learning and Remote Work
Students who otherwise wouldn’t have Internet access at home can use T9 Mobile Hotspots to take part in remote classes, complete homework assignments and get the help they need to make progress in their coursework. Administrators and teachers can benefit too, using wireless Internet to manage their work remotely, acquire educational certifications, prepare lessons and run virtual classroom sessions.

Affordable Remote Internet Access

Nonprofit organizations also benefit. With the help of mobile hotspots, they can take care of operational, administrative and management needs remotely and facilitate important field work and data collection.

Upgrade to the T9 Mobile Hotspot with service today and put your laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, audio players and other internet devices to use.

For immediate assistance with a new purchase or to upgrade from your current device, please contact our experts in the Mobile Citizen Service Center at 877-216-9603. Current, approved customers may log in to their account to place an order. If your organization has not yet qualified for service, you can start the approval process here.

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